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June 7 - 9, 2019


"To walk, talk, eat, dance, breathe tango in every little moment."

REGISTRATION * Open on Wednesday March 6th

We ask that you read the following guidelines  carefully before registering.

Here are the principles at the core of an Encuentro and those that will guide us in dealing with the registrations.


1) CLOSE EMBRACE The first aspect is related to the main point of an encuentro milongueiro: You must feel comfortable and enjoy dancing in close embrace and respect the milonguero codes,


2) CABECEO &  FLOOR CRAFT You must feel comfortable with the tango codes, way of inviting (cabeceo only) and ways of entering and moving on the dance floor (small spaces), by caring and respecting everyone.

3) GENDER BALANCE We ensure gender balance; the same number of leaders and followers so that we can all enjoy the encuentro experience at its best. 

4) MILONGUEANDO The principle of "milonguear" is at the foundation of this event. You must love to share and live the culture of tango. Levels of dancing do not apply here.

5)  FIRST IN CUE Time of registration is a factor that we respect and consider as a form of sequencing after considering the previous principles.

In order to have the maximum transparency in the registration process and to prevent any hurt or disrespected feelings we will follow these principles as best we can while considering the registrations.

The Milongueando Encuentro Team


$135 CAN per person

*Includes all milongas, snacks and refreshments (no alcool included)




  • RONDA The imaginary line that composed by the row of dancers is called line of dancing (línea de baile). On this line the dancers move counterclockwise.

  • LINE OF DANCE There is more than one line of dance (exterior,1st interior, 2nd interior). No lane hoping or switching lanes while the music is playing and all the couples are dancing. 

  • WALKING FORWARD Don't execute steps in the reverse way of the circulation of the dance floor.

  • SPACING & FLOW Keep the pace of the walk and the line of dancing running fluid in a forward motion. Don't pressure the couple in front of you and leave enough space to allow the couple in the back to execute its movements.

  • OUCH ;) The leader of the couple dancing is the responsible for taking care of  the one who is dancing with him and so avoiding bumps with other couples; if that happens by accident you can show your care for the other apologizing no matter who caused the mistake.

  • AL PISO Movements that require a dancer to lift their feet off the floor and ocuppy too much space don't make any sense in a place where the embrace is the essence/meaning ofthe tango milonguero.

  • DONT SHOW Don´t show your skills/tricks as a dancer. Show you hability of being in the moment and taking care of the one you're dancing with as well as with all the others. 



  • CABECEO Invitations are made by mirada and cabeceo only

  • MEETING ON THE FLOOR If the “Ronda” is already moving, don’t cross the dance floor to meet your dance partner. Go around the dance floor so that you don’t disturb the participants already dancing.

  •  RIGHT OF WAY When entering the dance floor, make sure the leaders already dancing let you walk in. To assure that, try to get eye contact with him and wait for his sign.

  • TANDAS (sequences of musics separated by a "cortina") are composed by 3 or 4 musics. Between them there as so called musical "cortina". The cortina exists so people can search a new dance partner and also to choose if they feel like dancing the new orquestra that is comming after the cortina. We should not remain on the dance floor while the cortina plays. Please clear the dance floor.

  • CABALLERO When the tanda ends, the gentlemen takes the lady to the same place she was before the invitation.


When everyone respects these codes, we can all enjoy the milongas! We look forward to meeting you


Joy of Dance Studios, 95 Danforth Ave #302, Toronto, ON M4K 1N2

The milongas will all be hosted at Joy of Dance Studios located in the heart of Toronto. This area is called Greek Town. Main intersections are Broadview & Danforth. It is accessible by TTC 24hrs and surrounded by cafés and restaurants.

You can choose a hotel in pretty much any part of the city and access it easily. 




 As the milongas are located in the downtown and mid-town area there are many options. All locations are TTC (public transit) accessible.

Here are a few recommendations for your stay:

Ada's Guesthouse

Keppner's Guesthouse

Chelsea Hotel, Toronto

As the milonga are all accessible by Toronto Transit and located close the the downtown area, you can pretty much choose to stay anywhere you like. The closer areas would be Greektown, Yorkville or Midtown.




21h00 - 21h30 : Reception and welcome cocktail

21h30 - 1h00 : Milonga with DJ Lopez

Location: 95 Danforth Ave 


14h00 - 18h00 : Milonga with DJ Linda

Location: 95 Danforth Ave


21h00 - 1h00 : Milonga with DJ Jason

Location: 95 Danforth Ave 


15h00 - 20h00 : Milonga with All DJ's

Location: 95 Danforth Ave

Linda_DJ foto.jpg

In 2001, after ten years of listening to and building her collection of traditional tango music, Linda made the first of several trips to Argentina, where she has had the opportunity to study dance with tango maestros and learn more about tango music from the DJ’s in the milongas of Buenos Aires.


For the past eleven years, Linda has been the host and DJ at the weekly Palermo Tango Club milonga. She has also been a DJ at El Congreso and several outdoor milongas in Toronto. Her focus is on music from the Golden Age of tango. She “tunes into” the dancers and the energy coming from the dance floor during the milonga and plays musical selections that produce an atmosphere in which dancers can feel that they are fully connected to the music.


Linda teaches Argentine Tango at the Joy of Dance Centre and also has a background in modern dance and ballet.



Linda Walsh


Jason Jiang.jpg

A dancer, deejay, producer of tango show and organizer of Tango events based in Toronto (Canada), Wuhan and Shanghai (China). 

Jason is passionate about tango music from Golden Age, offering a wide range of music to generate the most rewarding and inspiring dancing experience for milongueros. He collects and owns some of the best 78 RPM transfers tango music currently in the world including CTA, AMP, Audio Park and Tangotunes. His selection of music is characterized by dynamic and sensation of dancers, dictated by the energy flow on the dancing floor. He deejays and compiles tandas “on-the-fly” at the milonga, using only the best fidelity and professional sounding quality tracks of recordings.

Jason has been guest deejaying at various festivals and milongas in Asia, America, Europe and Buenos Aires such as Festival International de Tango de Sitges, Primavera Budapest Tango Marathon, Tango Maya Fest, Toronto Tango Congreso, Toronto Tango Festival, Taipei Tango Festival, Tokyo Tango Festival/Marathon, Beijing Tango Festival, Shanghai Tango Festival and at local milongas in Canada, United States, Mexico, Barcelona, Tokyo, Shanghai and Beijing. He had been invited to deejay in some of the most traditional and prestigious milongas in Buenos Ares, among them, Lo de Celia, El Beso, Porteño y Bailarin, El Motivo, Los Bohemios, Fulgor and Parakultural Salon Canning.



Bryant Lopez Headshot Dejan.jpg

Bryant's took his first steps in tango at the Milonga La Ideal at the age of 19. From there on he frequented some of the most iconic milongas of the time where his musical influence was refined. La Milonga de Almagro was his favorite because of the smoking ambiance of the time and the quality of music. He learned following Mario Orlando's Djing in Sunderland Club, Nino Bien and Salon Canning. Since then his focus has been on playing the golden age music and while making a night memorable in feeling and where a flow builds to enable dancers to transition smoothly from tanda to tanda smoothly. 



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Toronto . Ontario . Canada 

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